Landmark Judgements

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A decision that is notable and often cited because it significantly changes, consolidates, updates, or effectively summarizes the law on a particular topic.

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Women can now enter the Sabarimala temple

The 5-judge constitutional bench headed by chief justice Dipak Mishra ruled that women can now enter Kerala’s Sabrimala temple, irrespective of their age. The judgment wasn’t a unanimous decision with justice Indu Malhotra voting against the petition.Since the judgment was passed, Sabrimala has been a point of contention with the local police and tribals opposing the entry of women and blocking off roads.


Triple talaq isn’t constitutional

India banned the practiced of ‘instant divorce’ by Muslim men. The government decision came after it failed to get the approval of parliament a year after the court ruled that practice of triple “talaq” violated the constitutional rights of Muslim women.


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Section 377 verdict: India’s top court decriminalizes homosexuality in a landmark verdict

Upholding the rights of individuals the supreme court decriminalized homosexuality saying that “LGBT community has the same rights as that of any ordinary citizen. Respect for each other rights and others are supreme humanity criminalizing gay sex is irrational and indefensible.’’ However, while India may have scrapped the controversial section 377 (A), there’s still a lot more that needs to done for true equality to be implemented on the ground level.


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Aadhar isn’t mandatory, but voluntary for a citizen to submit

Just months after India’s supreme court prohibited private companies from asking customers their Aadhar data for authentication, the Indian government approved changes in two key laws that will make legal the voluntary submission of Aadhar. The Indian government is amending Telegraph Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) that will allow people to link their Aadhar with their bank account and mobile voluntarily.


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