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Judicial Services Exam. Judicial Services Exam, or more commonly known as the PCS (J)-Provincial Civil Service-Judicial Exam are entry-level tests for law graduates to become a member of the subordinate judiciary. These exams are conducted by a state judicial department to hire for subordinate judicial services. The Judicial Services Examination provides a secure and comfortable tenure. Besides, it gives an opportunity for the selected candidates to serve the country.

To prepare for the judiciary exam, it is essential to stay focused and concentrate on the planned framework. We advise these following tips to score well in judiciary civil exams:

Time Management: This is the foremost important thing to achieve anything. Students should know about the importance of time and pay attention to the priorities and differentiate, on which subject/ topic to invest more in less time.

Prepare notes: While studying it is important to make short notes to keep things in mind and revise things easily.

Prepare from previous exam papers: To get things right and keep time in mind, it is most important to take previous exams to check yourself.

Check pattern of questions: Make a separate categories topic wise and check what are the types of questions those being asked.

Study Routine: Make a possible study routine of 6 to 8 hours and follow it honestly and seriously without any compromise.

Study in Groups: This is the most interesting and interactive way to learn.

Judiciary Books: There are some books which are good for judicial examination. Like Bare Act, Avtar Singh, Bare Act, Kelkar.

Mock Test: This is the best way to prepare before the exam so that you can know the areas you need to work on. Practice Free Mock Tests. This will help you to evaluate yourself.

Start Teaching: Teaching is the best way to learn something. This will increase your knowledge. This will compel you to study more in order to answer student’s questions.

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