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  • Welcome to KBE, We conduct both Online & Offline Courses with Most affordable fee structure for Everyone.
  • Our “Modern and Unique Teaching Techniques” enables the students to understand and retain the concepts easily.
  • “Conceptual Knowledge and Presentation Skills” are all you need: KBE knows the importance of “Answer Writing” that is why we conduct regular answer writing classes for students.
  • We provide “Regular and Interactive Doubt Classes”. Direct interaction with the teachers enables the students to clear their doubts without any delay.
  • We provide “Three Level Test” for PT and Mains, which enables the students to learn how to attempt the examination and ensure regular improvement in their performance.
    The tests are conducted personally by the faculty. The Evaluation and Checking is done by faculty only.
    Feedback & guidance is also given on test performance of each & every student by the faculty personally. This stategy helps in improving performance of the students in a consistent manner.
  • Regular Interview Sessions are an integrated part of our course, this means interview preparation is also done simultaneously in classes.
    We believe that the confidence and promptness required for clearing the interview can be gained as a process of regular personality development so we provide regular guidance to our students on how to give your best shot during the interview session and achieve your ultimate goal that is becoming a Judge.
    Not only this even special interview sessions are also conducted for the students after clearing the Mains examination.
    KBE provides 100% support to it’s students in their journey by providing them “18 Months” Free access to recorded classes for “BACKUP & REVISION”, Even after completion of course.
  •  KBE enables you to unlock your potential and achieve your dreams. We aim at enhancing your Skills, Boosting your Confidence & Enabling you to portray the best of your personality at each and every level of this prestigious examination.
  • Advantages of Small Class Sizes ?
    Everyone hears about the uproar when class sizes are increased. You probably know that institutes with small class sizes are more desirable than institute with large ones; but what exactly is it about small classes that are so impressive?  Why do you want that for you ?  There are several advantages of small class sizes that you should consider carefully.

    A. Each Student Gets Noticed Small class sizes lead to more one-on-one attention from the teacher. With smaller class sizes, teachers can get to know each student as an individual, working with them to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

    B. Learning is Enhanced Not only do students learn more in small classes, but they also learn faster. And this means the class progresses through the course material more quickly. Their learning is enhanced by the confidence they develop. They are encouraged to share their opinions and ask and answer questions, which also benefits their peers.

    C. Students get to know each other better. Don’t just be another face in a huge crowd.

    D. Teachers can teach concept & tailor instruction more individually.  Student in a small size class is no longer required to sit quietly in the crowd and hesitate to ask anything , and the teacher also can work with each one of them to ensure that they’re getting the concept clarity & instruction that they need.

    E. There’s less disruption.  It doesn’t matter how skilled the teacher is, when there are large number of students in the classroom, there are going to be disruptions.  Even the simple act of allowing students to work together on an assignment can lead to chaos as so many voices fill the air The Worst thing in a crowded classroom is personality conflicts that are more likely to occur. Maintaining discipline takes more time during the class period than actual instruction.  In a classroom with fewer students, maintaining discipline is practically much easier and saves time.

    F. There’s more time for instruction, daily doubt clearance, feedback on Test, Exam performance.Distribution of assignments, clearing doubts on regular basis, Checking test & assignments by faculty becomes more easy, effective & Hassel-free with small size batches.The more the number of students in a classroom , the more time has to be spent each day for such tasks. Simple tasks like quick revision or doubt clearance or assignments checking or passing out papers becomes a challenging task. That’s entirely aside from the grading process, when teachers are in a rush to get through a huge stack of papers they are less likely to give individual feedback on test performance and more likely to simply give the grade and a quick comment or two.

    G. They’re quieter.  Even when everyone in the classroom is extremely well-behaved, then even a crowded classroom results in so many unwanted noises. There’s a constant rustling of papers, sniffling noses, students shifting in their seats. For a student with attention issues, those small distractions can create major issues in understanding the topics.That’s why Compact batch sizes are important as they are really appreciated and preferred by a large number of students.

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We at KHARBANDA BUREAU OF EDUCATION, Where intelligence plus character is the true goal of education. We not only provide the best coaching for the judiciary but also we counsel students to shape their careers and encourage them towards achievement, support and motivate them whenever they feel low, these are one of the many reasons to join Kharbanda Bureau of Education.

  • Fully air-conditioned classrooms
  • Free wifi facility
  • Easy tips to crack the exam in the first attempt
  • Regular Test series and Doubt classes
  • No Registration or other Hidden Charges
  • Latest & Detailed Study Material
  • Free Trial/Demo Class & Counseling Session
  • Special Classes For Local Laws
best coaching for Judiciary Coaching in Mukherjee Nagar
  • Face to face interaction with teachers
  • “100%” support till success
  • Pay your fees in easy installments
  • Exam-oriented as well as a practical approach

Why Choose Our Institution

We Prepare For You More

Apart from the basic syllabus and curriculum. We also prepare you for G.K., ENGLISH, HINDI & TRANSLATION, ESSAY WRITING, ORDER & JUDGEMENT WRITING Under Expert Supervision.

Late Evening Batches

We are the only institute in Delhi running late evening batch for students and working judicial aspirants.

For Extra Effort

If students are willing to work hard then our faculty will push them harder and motivate him in every possible way.

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