Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips


We at KBE Judiciary are here to support you throughout your Judiciary examination preparation. Here are a few tips to excel your judiciary examin preparations.

The Judicial Services Exams are conducted in three phases.

Preliminary Examination: Which consists of Objective type questions (MCQ), Mains Examination: Comprises Subjective type questions and third is the Personal Interview: It tests your personality, prompt knowledge, decision making abilities, etc.

  1. Shortlist the States You Wish to Appear For.
    The first step towards preparing for the judiciary examination is to shortlist the states you wish to appear for your examination and start studying accordingly.
  2. Previous Year Question Papers.
    Most important step is to refer to previous 10-year question papers of the selected state judiciary exam. This is very crucial for the aspirants to get an idea about the question pattern, time management skills, do & don’ts for the examination.
  3. Focus on Bare Acts
    If you are an Judiciary examination aspirant, you must be aware about the Bare Acts which are the backbone of law. Go through the bare acts section thoroughly while you start your preparation.This will be very helpful in the long run, You should have a good command on the bare acts. Make a habit to revise it on a daily basis.
  4. Work on Time Management.
    The judiciary examination syllabus is very vast. You need to have control over all the subjects. Make sure to analyze where to focus more and where not to. Focus on essential chapters. We are KBE Judiciary to help you to master the time management skills during your preparations as well as for the examination day.
  5. Use all the resources available.
    In today’s era, there is a plethora of knowledge available online. Make sure to utilise it but don’t get overwhelmed by those. Create a list of important sections. Take guidance from your mentors, teachers, faculties, seniors, friends.
  6. Don’t forget Landmark Judgements.
    Very important section for current affairs, practice and revise the landmark judgements before you appear for a law exam.
  7. Don’t forget Landmark Judgements.
    Very important section for current affairs, practice and revise the landmark judgements before you appear for a law exam.
  8. Make Notes of All Important Topics.
    Make notes! We at KBE can’t emphasize enough on the importance of synopsis or notes. Your vast syllabus won’t allow you to go through chapters again and again. Refer to your notes and revise daily. It will save a lot of time during your judiciary preparation and even on the D-DAY!
  9. Practice! Practice! and Practice!
    Once you have completed your syllabus. Start revising and practicing. Write down the topics which you are not confident about, writing will definitely boost your confidence. You can also try to read aloud those topics. We at KBE Judiciary have extensive resources of question banks. Make sure to utilize the materials.

Make sure to take proper rest before the examination! Your mind should be fresh while appearing for the examination. Give your 100% in the examination and even if you didn't perform at par to your expectations don't give up! Start again! There is always a second time!